The as of late discharged Mafia 3 is despised by many individuals. You can see the hate on Steam, Reddit, and numerous different discussions. Actually, I’ve played each Mafia amusement, so I can relate it to them, yet genuinely, how terrible is Mafia 3?

A few people say Mafia 3 resembles GTA, there’s no such thing as Mafia in the diversion. While to be completely forthright, the diversion is alright, it isn’t so much that awful. The story is astounding and varies from numerous different amusements. I mean genuinely, which diversion till now has really this kind of story, which characterizes bigotry in its own particular manner. Individuals additionally griped about poor driving mechanics, however hold up, the driving material science are ordinary, the old autos were substantial and tricky that’s why it feels so strange to drive one.

The Story and everything is so sure in the diversion, yet at the same time, individuals loathed it, since it

The Story and everything is so positive in the game, but still, people disliked it, because it

had a very bad launch. The game had no optimization, dull graphics, 30 fps locked and much more. But everything was fixed, a reshade came out, 60fps patch came out, further optimization was done by 2k games and everything was okay, but by that time everyone left playing the game and gave a negative review.

Why some people think Witcher 3 is overrated

To be honest the game was overshadowed by many good games like Witcher 3, GTA V, Far Cry 4 and was a complete disappointment if we compare it to Mafia 2. I mean the developers did very less effort and didn’t even bother to add Joe Barbaro in Mafia 3, who was the important character in Mafia 2.