I’ve always been a true fan of Mafia Games because they always surprise me with their unique gameplay. Mafia 2 was my all time favourite although Mafia 1 and Mafia 3 weren’t that bad. Just like me, all other Mafia fans are also surprised, that there was no evidence of Joe Barbaro being a character in Mafia 3, and what we saw from the gameplay was that Vito Scalleta himself mention several things about Joe. And basically, our character Lincoln clay does a few missions for Vito, in which you kill some enemies of Vito. Vito mentions that these people killed his friend, but he doesn’t mention anything about Joe.
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In Mafia 2, Joe is taken in a separate car, while Vito sits with Leo Galante in a separate car, how ever when Vito asks about Joe, Leo Galante says ” He wasn’t part of our deal”. So clearly when Leo sent Vito to new Bordeaux, he didn’t want Joe to make any trouble for him, so he clearly took him somewhere else, and rather made a deal with Joe, that he wont get any closer to Vito. When you kill all enemies for Vito, there is a separate discussion between Vito and Lincon, In which Vito says that Joe is dead
here are his words ” Just…Just..it means Joe’s really dead. Good friend of mine, More like family, me and him tried to do something big for this motherfucker named Leo Galante. Big-Shot with commission

Vito belives that Joe is dead, but when Lincoln asks that if he is sure or not, so he replies that if he was alive, he must have found me. This means that there are clearly no signs of Joe, but wait there is some other evidence, that shows Joe is alive

After Lincoln kills Sal Marcona, he leaves the casino, and someone stops by Lincoln with several guards. As Lincoln sees, Leo Galante himself steps out of the vehicle and tells Lincoln couple things. while he drives away, a guy who just perfectly looks like Joe, opens the door for Leo, and stares at Lincoln, so basically, why would a guard stare at Lincoln? maybe he was too specific, or maybe it was just nonsense, but what fans think is that he was Joe.

What fans have also unveiled is that Joe had a mark on his chin, and the guard also had the same mark on his chin. What’s more interesting is that the guy is wearing same coat, which Joe wears, in the starting missions of Mafia 2.

We clearly have an evidence that Joe is alive, and Vito has miss-concept about his death, but I think there will be a DLC, sooner or later, in which there will be a evidence of Joe. According to fans, 2k have disappointed them by not adding any evidence to Joe. What people think is that Joe is with Leo, and he is a secret guard of him, and like I said, Leo made a deal with Joe, that he won’t get any closer to Vito else he would be killed. Let’s hope Vito’s pal Joe is alive and makes an entry along with Donovan’s DLC.

A Clue that Joe is alive

Actual Footage, Credit for Video: /SniperReloadHD

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