Mafia II vs Mafia III, The Final Answer

How Mafia 2 devs are different from Mafia 3 devs
Mafia 2 was a Czech game, so basically, Czech devs made Mafia 2, and later the Company gave the project to Hangar 13 (USA), so this means that Mafia 3 devs were probably Americans.


Mafia 2 was released on 23 August 2010 and Mafia 3 was released on 7 October 2016, so that’s a 6 years gap between their releases. We expected 2k Czech to make Mafia 3, but the project was given to Hangar 13 (USA) and the game had bit changes due to that. I think Mafia 3 could have taken 1 more year, and fix their bugs etc because the game was really bad in its initial release days.

The game was full of bugs, bad graphics, dull surroundings, buggy vehicles etc. And on the other hand Mafia 2 was a great game, and it had bit connection to Mafia 1, where you killed the mafia 1 character, Tommy Angelo. Mafia 3 had bit connection to Mafia 2, where Leo Galante is a friend of Sal Marcano, and Vito is a friend of Lincoln Clay, who later helps him kill Sal Marcona and his crew

Let’s get in more details

Vehicles Mechanics
I played both games, and what I have seen is that Mafia 3 cars are bit heavy, they feel heavy, and they are bit slippery. They are not easy to control because there is no speed limiter, Mafia 2 had a speed limiter option where your vehicle won’t pass a typical specific speed. This feature helped driving the car like other drivers, and also helped to avoid cop speeding tickets.

Well, a pretty much disappointing thing in mafia 3 is that you can’t silently steal a vehicle. In Mafia 2 you can do the pick-lock thing and open the vehicle doors, and instantly get it to drive. These little features make big difference, but what can we say, Hangar 13 didn’t see a point adding it.

Well obviously Mafia 3 is a new game, so it must have more details, like vehicles, guns, shooting etc. But Mafia 3 lacks some things which seem quite stupid, example

  • You can’t close back doors in Mafia 3, you can only open it
  • You can’t switch on lights
  • You can’t eat a hotdog
  • You can’t polish your shoes in public.
  • you can’t buy new clothes from a store.
  • You can’t open vehicle’s hood and trunk
  • you can’t drink juices
  • You can’t open taps in washrooms etc
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Basically, Mafia 2 had a very good feature, in which you could start fighting with anyone on the way, the fight’s would have very good animation, and you can’t leave the fight, so once you are in trouble, you have to finish it. The fight mostly ends when one gets knocked out, where as the other guy had to admit his defeat and go away.
Mafia 3, on the other hand, is different, you cant start fight with anyone, because everyone is very afraid in new Bordeaux, and no one tries to get in any sort of problem

Cops in Mafia 2 are very polite because once you surrender, they won’t shoot you. In Mafia 2 you can also bribe cops and run away, where as Mafia 3 has no such feature like that, even though if you surrender, they will still shoot you

Mafia 3 has very great sunset weather’s but Mafia 3 has no snow mod, basically Mafia 2 had a very beautiful and lovely surroundings, and the game had snowy weather too, in which cars use to slip more than normal, apart from this, Atmosphere in both games are very great, but Mafia 3 has pretty dull graphics so that is a bit disappointing

Both Games have almost the same radio, In which they talk about the advertisements and other things, But Mafia 3 radios are very much better because they talk about the news and things that are happening in the city. Apart from this song in Mafia 3 are very good. They give u a good feeling of those 90’s.

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