MegaMan X9:
(Megaman) was one of them awesome games I enjoy playing but it’s the (MegaMan X) series I loved the characters the action find the armor capsules those were awesome games they kind of fell off making those filler games like keep it with the storylines within the series I feel (MegaManX9) should really be thought about. This game would be bananas if they come out with this game it is one of the most games I’d love to see as well and I would be so great to actually get to play another (MegaMan X) game. I’ve seen fan made version videos but I would love to actually see it be made official because it’s still a great game and everyone still loves the blue bomber and even the red Knight (Zero) hell even (Axl) was awesome. They should really look in to making this happen. It’s so much that can be done this would be one of them epic moments.

Going fast is easy—the challenge is in reacting to the unwritten near-future while maintaining environmental awareness to avoid running into shit. For all the risks to life and limb, the human brain and body crave the thrill of speed. As such, even relatively primitive virtualized acceleration titillates. In the 16-bit era, games like Sonic the Hedgehog and F-Zero managed to create a placebo of velocity; my muscles tingled at every near-miss and last-second pass, or more often my ears throbbed with the rage of repetitive crashes. A lack of larger peripheral vision is what held back the otherwise stylish and fondly remembered 2D Sonic games: the sense of perception was too narrow. You were simply a cerulean blur hitting the G’s, but myopia and mass kept you crashing until each layout was adequately memorised.

It’s only recently that I’ve recognised the importance of speed in another Super Nintendo title that has been fundamental to me. Mega Man X harnessed the opioid-like draw of speed while providing enough visual context to manage and utilise momentum for total mastery. This was a reboot of sorts for the NES classic Mega Man, a game about a blue cyborg and the various tool- and element-wielding robot masters he challenged. When a boss was defeated, Mega Man gained a new weapon, and thus a decade-long franchise and mechanic was born. X brought the Blue Bomber into the future of the future (the year 20XX, to be exact) and was his first appearance on the SNES, fawned over upon release in 1993 and canonised for its tight controls, frenetic and colourful visuals, and Iron Maiden-inspired soundtrack.

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Most importantly, Mega Man Xfound a new way to deliver a headrush of speed, and all it took was abandoning all pretensions of realistic inertial physics. On the surface, MMX was not a game about speed, but once the dash boots were claimed, the world truly cracked open and allowed X to compress distance into a blaze while maintaining visual awareness on a 4:3 cathode ray tube television. Where Sonic constantly pancaked into the unseen, for X most walls transformed into launch pads and complete navigation was enabled through cyber-pirouettes with a buster cannon to clear the obscured path ahead.

I did at least one playthrough of the game on a nearly daily basis, starting in 6th grade, cross-legged in my shared concrete bedroom in university student housing while my mum finished college. This lasted pretty much until I graduated high school and took the cartridge back to that same university for myself. I’m almost more proud of my ability to wipe up the Maverick menace in 45 minutes without using any special weapons and getting every upgrade (including the secret Hadouken) than my secondary education. Of course, this personal high point is glacial by today’s glitch-informed speed running standards, but every record is possible only through the dash boots (and the surplus of disposable hours available to a teenager).

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MMX’s dash goes against known laws of nature. One can’t just dissipate momentum, whiff, full-stop, apropos of nothing, except if you are a robot (or if you are the drummer in Napalm Death). Mid-air dashing near an open pit is no problem, just ease up on the d-pad and you float down like a single drop of rain and not a pixel past the ledge. In the context of the game, this is all totally acceptable. Only when I am in full X cosplay mode, parkouring all over the zoo and pretending that the assorted animals are actually industrial cyborgs hacked for violence, am I confronted with the absurdity of going from 30 miles-per-hour to standing stone still, instantaneously. And not only that, X can then potentially flick around again, becoming a tornado of dashing bullets. This is what a ninja is supposed to feel like—the freedom to eye-blinkingly teleport around bosses and their measly weapons—and MMX sets the standard.

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Some Mega Man games prior to X did have a navigationally beneficial slide, but otherwise Rock was confined to jumping at the right time: not too soon, not too late. With the dash, X truly got horizontal. The other two MMXgames on Super Nintendo left the dash relatively untouched; if it ain’t broke, etc. But after that, they never quite got it right again. Past those entries, movement, in general, would become more cumbersome and clunky as further entries materialised, especially throughout the PlayStation era. He had big open worlds to trot through. Mega Man Zero for the Game Boy Advance resurrected ninja-dashing and much about what made the Xgames such speedy delights, but the difficulty and claustrophobic screen size were too much for many. Thus, with nary a whimper, Capcom has done a lot over the years with the blue bomber but all this talk i keep hearing about Mega man X 9 could this really be possible and can we see in our life time what’s the new news on this game and what can we expect to see more of this character because this game made my childhood and is still one of my favorite games. And i hope in my time i see more from (Megaman) games in the near future.

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