After the release of the latest and the greatest GTX 1080 Ti, and with all the custom 1080 TIs from different companies…we have been waiting for this moment, as usual the MSI gave us something unique and new, their creation is here, & here is the moment of truth.
MSI released their GTX 1080 Ti Gaming X

It has the Twin Frozr VI design, the same design in all 1000series Graphic CardThe MSI and GeForce Logo is shifted to the side, its not yet confirmed.
It Has 2x 8pin connectors, the sli’ll have the same Led lights on it, That can be controlled via MSI software, Some Rumours also stated that MSI new Graphic Card will feature Fan swap tool.This card may be Triple-Slot but its not confirmed yet.


Release Date

The detailed specs will be out very soon, so stay tuned for it however this card will be available in mid-April worldwide.


There are still many 1080 Ti versions that are worth buying

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