Own a MacBook or MacBook Pro? Then you should rush to the stores and get yourselves one of these. These are accessories that you should have with you because both you and your MacBook laptop deserve nothing less than the best.

  1. A pair of Beats Studio3

These are a pair of wireless audio accessories that will be fun for music lovers. They have the best performance when it comes to headphones while making sure that you do not bother those around you.

2. A Samsung T5 portable SSD

This pairs the brains behind Samsung and Apple to produce an awesome performance when it comes to reading and writing data. If the software performance will throw you off your feet then the outward look of the portable SSD will probably do much more. It doubles up to be used for a compatible smartphone.

3. A MacBook Backpack

This is just the ideal backpack that can contain the quality that comes with a MacBook. It has an elegant design that is spacious enough to contain the MacBook plus many more of your property. It also serves as a scratch proof material as it covers against sharp objects that can ruin the surface of the laptop. It also comes in numerous colors and you can specify which one most appeals to you.

4. An apple Superdrive

Every once in a while you will have the need to share media, and that is why an apple Superdrive is needed. This must-have takes the shape of a Discman, get it if you miss working with a CD.

5. A screen cleaner

Indeed, there is nothing as irritating as a not-so-clear screen when using your laptop. Even though irritating, this is somehow unavoidable. This is an odorless cleaner that will ensure that the screen is as spotless as you want it to be. You will be forgiven to mistake an old MacBook for a sparkling new one with a single spray of the spray cleaner.

6. A SanDisk ultra USB-C Dual Flash drive

This is a handy accessory when you need to transfer files, videos, images and even games from an old personal computer to your brand new Mac-Book. This stick ensures a fast means of sharing these data from one computer to another and is just what a MacBook needs.

So once you have obtained your MacBook or MacBook Pro, shoot for the above accessories and experience the ultimate fun.