We lately saw the Intel i9 Details and how it’ll perform, Lately, while the i9 isn’t released in Market some overclockers got access to the early Processors and were able to test them.
Overclocker Der8auer was able to test it and he tried to Overclock the i9 7900x with Liquid Nitrogen while using the ASUS ROG Rampage VI Apex motherboard, The Genius Overclocker was able to set World Record when he Overclocked the i9 7900x to 5929 Mhz, beating everyone in the race. The Overclocker has previously achieved a lot of world Records, similarly, we also wrote on the ASUS Kaby Lake-X 7740K CPU Overclocked to 7.56GHz By ASUS. Using X299 Apex Motherboard, This was also Overclocked by Der8auer. Der8auer used G.Skill Trident Z DDR4 RAMS.

Well, the Overclock Clearly enhances that new Series by Intel would be quite better in Overclocking, it would be superior to old Generation Processors, But yet we can wait and watch. We should also note that the Processor is 10 Core and actually It has Good overclocking capabilities. We will keep you update as we get any information Regarding more Overclocking Records, and also we will keep Eye on the new ThreadRipper Lineup by Ryzen, and see how far It can be overclocked.