So, the devs of Pokémon: Go, Niantic Studios recently added an update in which shiny Pokémon became a thing. If you are an old Pokemon game player or watched the show, like me, which I did both, you already know what shiny Pokemon are. Shiny Pokemon are a type of special Pokemon which are very very rarely found or caught and their value is much more than their regular counterparts.

Shiny Pokemon were awaited since long and now they finally appeared in Pokemon GO. These shiny variations on existing Pokemon species have been part of the games APK code for some time, but only now have they started to appear in the game.
So, how rare are Shiny Pokemons? About 1:4096 against 1: 8192 in the original games. Though these are only for collection. These are like albino Pokemon. You can find shiny ones on the PokeDex and even in Gyms.