NVIDIA QUADRO M6000 Specs/Features

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Nvidia’s Quadro GPUs are well known for their best rendering and working Performance.
They are specially designed for the heavy duty works like, rendering, Graphic designing and stuff like that.Where Nvidia Launched another Quadro Graphic card on 22nd of march 2k16, The quadro M6000.Which is the 24 gb version of its brother Quadro M6000 12 gb version released on 9th of April 2k15.

These GPUs are packed with great power to deliver best working experience.And as for gaming, performance wise its more likely similar to the old TITAN X.

Specs and Features:

This new quadro M6000 GPU has

GPU core                                  GM200GL
Cuda Cores                               3072
ROPs                                        96
Texture Units                            192
core clock                                 988 MHz
Memory clock                           1653 MHz
Memory Bandwith                     317 GBPS
Memory size                            24/12 GB G5
Bus width                                  384 Bit
Single precision GFLOPS           6.07 TFLOPS
Double precision GFLOPS          0.19 TFLOPS
Power Draw (TDP)                    250 watt
supports 4k @ 60Hz with 4 consecutive displays.
based on 2nd Gen Maxwell architecture
The memory is capable of running in ECC mode.
with the price of about $5000.
(Note: Prices may vary depending on the place and date you look for it.)


Quadro GPUs are great for working purposes, But also are more expensive than the NON QUADRO GPUs.

they are still capable of running games in a pretty decent way. But If you are looking just for gaming..Then you better get a NON quadro GPU, to save your money as well as get the best of gaming experience.