Parasite Eve – Review & Thoughts.

I’m gonna talk about the (ParasiteEve) series. This game was one awesomely great game of its time from the (characters) to the plot to the storylines this game I feel should have a return and shock the fan’s and the world who know what this game is about can agree  this was one of the greatest games I played on (ps1) you’d think they’d continue.

But they brought it out for the (PSP) I’d love to see more of this series but on the bigger platforms because I really think it’s a lot to be told and can be realised.
where I’m going with this see this game came out in the 90’s i know the game was so awesome before it’s time and making a come up return with this series would be amazing and down right epic who can agree but this is my first article and i wanted to stick because I really would love to see this game return I’ll explain more in my next article to explain more so some who have really seen or heard of may see and understand as I am explaining here this game was one of the most amazing games I ever experience playing on the original play station system.

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in the 90s Resident Evil and Final Fantasy were pivotal in the original PlayStation’s rise as an industry leader. Both were part of Sony’s marketing push to offer a more “mature” console in contrast to Nintendo’s family friendly hardware. Resident Evil was the bleak horror game that taught a mass audience that video games could be scary, while Final Fantasy VII was the role-playing epic that enticed the masses with its storytelling.

Both franchises had very different aspirations in the sort of emotions they wanted to elicit from their audience, but it was only a matter of time before someone tried to combine the two nonetheless. In 1998, several of the creative minds behind Final Fantasy did just that with the release Parasite Eve.

The idea of a survival horror RPG is an interesting concept, but I was always apprehensive to actually giving Parasite Eve a playthrough. To me, the genre expectations for RPGs and traditional survival horror games are in too stark contrast, at least in what I respectively enjoy them both.

Theorycrafting, character builds, and spending copious amounts of time in battle making your characters more powerful is a big part of an RPG’s appeal. While survival horror is about reduction and limiting the player’s resources, making you feel vulnerable and afraid in every combat engagement.

Basically, empowerment is a big part of RPGs, while disempowerment is a big part of survival horror. I honestly didn’t think the two could be balanced well, and it wasn’t until I played Parasite Eve for myself that I learned how wrong I was on that.

Part of what sets Parasite Eve apart from many other survival horror games of its time is the creative minds around it, and how they approach to game design. It was directed by Takashi Tokita, produced by Hironobu Sakaguchi, character designs by Tetsuya Nomura, and composed by Yoko Shimomura.

If you’re familiar with Japanese RPGs in the slightest, then most of these names should sound familiar. Basically, the minds behind Final Fantasy, Chrono Trigger, and later titles like Kingdom Hearts came together to create their own take on Resident Evil. And with all that being said is why this game is one of the reasons I love RPG’s it’s who agrees that this is one of the games that needs remaster and come back.

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