You might know about the genre known as simulation, which has lots and lots of weird simulating games, ranging to Euro Truck Sim 2 to Surgeon Simulator, Goat Simulator, or even Rock Simulator! However, a game we recently picked up shows how the genre can actually be very useful. This game is called “PC Building Simulator” which practically lets you build a PC on your PC.
The game is still in development but you can play the early access version. It puts you in a room with PC components and makes your build a PC and/or instructs you how, depending on the difficulty and tells you even the problems or the total cost of the PC you would be building.
This is quite a useful tool for people who are new to building PCs and want to build a PC, or for those who want to know how exactly a computer is custom-built, and this way, keeping the costs and the mechanisms as well as the procedures of PC building in mind, you can see how a PC is to be built and you can build your PC according to that.
You can learn a lot of stuff such as where the RAM goes, where the processor is plugged in, where everything goes and this way a noob can easily get more details on how PCs are built and how they work.