Players Unknown Battleground is the latest game developed by Bluehole Studio and is quite good, however with the bugs, the team is still working hard on the Game, The Game has also sold 4million copies In 3 months and is going really well. Despite the game being hard for some people, Here is the Ultimate Guide you need to read, after reading this your skills might improve.

You should always keep In mind that the Circle is going to get closer & closer, after several minutes, and usually the first Circle takes a lot of time, it takes about 2 minutes and the rest of them are really fast, Some people get In trouble when they jump In the opposite direction of circle, I’d suggest them to always search for car and move as soon as possible


Yes, some people might complain why do they die so quickly, or why they get knocked out so fast, here are some things that you might be missing Helmet & Vest, these accessories play a major role in defending, apart from this Helmet can also prevent from Headshots. The Vest also prevents losing too much health when being shot by someone

The Scopes also play a major role, without Scopes it’s really hard Killing someone, There are multiple types of scopes that you can attach to your Gun, without these you might be In trouble
Red Dot Sight
2x Scope
4x Scope
8x Scope
15x Scope


Close the Doors
Well, when so ever you are entering a new room or a building, you should always close back the doors. On some occasion, when some enemy is around you, he can easily see the door open, and will immediately rush at you, closing the doors will prevent enemies getting an evidence and will also keep you anonymous.

Patience In this game has a Huge impact, If you are inside the Circle, you should never peek, and you should have patience, when so ever you see an enemy at a long range, you should never shoot him, because He is not aware of you and sooner or later he will get to know where you are. You should never kill someone who is In the next building because some good players always camp, and wait for the enemies to enter, there fore patience always help


you should always avoid Red zone, because Red Zone explosives can easily kill you and also damage your car, I’d suggest the players to always Park the car outside the Red Zone, because Cars are easily blown in Red zone, you should avoid running In Red Zone, & always consider taking a wide angle when running from Red Zone.


Yeah, common question, What should I do when I am pinned? Here is the simple answer, when so ever you are running In a crop field, In an open area, and you are pinned by someone, who is constantly shooting you from some hilly place, and you have no idea where he is, so here is the guide, you should press X on the keyboard, run free, and always run In Zig Zag, because from a long range, the enemy isn’t able to shoot someone who is running In Zig Zag


You should always drive the vehicles slow, some bikes are really hard to drive, they are not easy to control, apart from this if you are driving a bike real fast you should always stay on the road because if you fell of It, you are going to die easily. People should never use Vehicle when they are near the circle because sometimes the enemy is waiting for you, and the vehicle sounds are very easy to hear. Note: Dasia is faster than Uaz, and the bike is faster than both.


Play with Professional Players
Yes, playing with Professional players will help improve your Game skills, and also learn new things, apart from this, Professionals also have an idea of many things that you are not aware of, If you play with Professional players, you can easily survive till the last.

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Out of the Circle?
Some people will lose their hope of winning the chicken dinner, but to be honest, I’d suggest you that Everything is possible In the Game, If you are out of circle and you are worried about your health, so you should always take the Pain Killers or Energy Drinks (2x), this will prevent you from getting knocked out and losing the health.
well the bike is really fast, and usually it gets you in trouble, you should always drive the bike slow, because it has a lot of chances of rolling up side down and then knocking or killing you out. In the same time, the Dacia and Uaz are really good vehicles. You can speed up vehicles by pressing Shift on the keyboard.


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