Recently in Computex 2017, we heard that a Pocket Size Gaming Desktop was introduced by Silverstone, This Pocket Size Gaming Desktop is really small, to be honest, you will be surprised once you to know its Specs.

The Desktop is normal, It has USB 3,0 front IO Ethernet Port, and Power Connector port normal like many Desktops out there. As you open It you might find Full Socket Quad Core, Core i7 Processor, 2 RAM Sodium Slots, and apart from this what makes it interesting is that It has MXM Based Graphic Card, the Graphic Card is latest Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 which offers incredible true 4k Experience.

The Size is incredible much smaller than Console and then Many PCS out there, the Graphic card inside is small too and offers the same performance as the Ridiculous long Graphic Cards offer, According to SilverStone, there will be no temperature issue since the case has beautiful vents and has unique airflow system. The Case has Lightning on the front to that makes it even more interesting.