The Game was quite succesfull during its time Period, This Game had alot of features comparing Games released at that Time, This Game was Project IGI: I’m Going In and It is a tactical FPS released in 2000 by Eidos Interactive. Recently a Report on Norwegian site Pressfire has revealed that a new IGI game is on the way.

Well these words come from Officials actually, Project IGI was one of those Games that attracted many Gamers towards it. Pressfire has officialy announced That the Project IGI is in development & It is currently being developed by Norwegian studio Artplant, which was founded by members of original IGI developer Innerloop Studios, and will feature “the freedom the series has become known for.” (There was a sequel released in 2003 called IGI 2: Covert Strike.). Artplant chief Jack K. Wulff confirmed that the new IGI Is in development but “We don’t have much to announce at this point, other than that the game will be called IGI – We’re Going In,”, Jack K. Wullf also confirmed on Twitter When asked a question by fan That If David Jone wil be featured on IGI 3 or not, His Answer was Yes. When Hearing this news Fans went Crazy, The Game is currently being developed meaning it’ll be released anytime soon. No Trailer os any scene, Picture has been teased lately, therefore, it’s not confirmed when it’ll be released. Many fans have rumoured that it’ll be released in mid-2018 well that’s not confirm still we can wait for this awesome Game!