RAID: World War II.

RAID: World War II is the upcoming game from LionGameLion, the developers have done a lot of effort to make it an “awesome” game.The game publishers are Starbreeze Studios.RAID: World War II is an action game, it has the four-player co-op shooter concept.This game based on The World War II, & It is quite unique because we haven’t seen a lot of games based on the actual Nazis & the Allies concept.The story is quite nice…A four man army takes everything in Europe, they are busy in saving the people and getting everything in their hands their main objective Is to stop Nazis, Nazis are also known as “National Socialist German Workers’ Party”, According to the official statement It is said that the 4 unique characters have different abilities and they change from each other.The Game has a contact with the Nazis since their main goal is to stop Nazis When Nazis took control of everything these 4 Characters broke out to take everything in their own hands.The 4 characters have the ability to steal since the game also is dependent on robberies breaking out.These 4 characters are also responsible for doing secret missions for the allies, Actually t, e Allies were totally against the Nazis and that’s where It gets interesting.

The trailer is quite nice because it is totally different from what we have seen from the upcoming games, the game also describes the actual horror during The World War II, and also shows the stealing of the actual 4 characters.It is a four-player co-op shooter game so just relax all 4players can play it and have all fun this game will be surprisingly fun to play with 4players.






Release Date.

The game will be released on Playstation,Xbox, PC, at the moment no exact date has been given but according to the official, it’ll be released in 2017.

No official has stated the System Requirements yet, but they may be available In June 2017.


Some Exiting Pictures of RAID: World War II