With no specific announcement of Rockstar bringing Red Dead Redemption to PC, modders have started a project known as “Red Dead Redemption V”, which re-constructs the map and possibly the storyline of Red Dead redemption into that of GTA V. It is being done by “.White Team” and they say it will be released in the Summer of 2017. They have also provided a little FAQ in which it seems like they will make the map and the storyline into GTA V.
Being a PC gamer, I have also given up for waiting for the release of an actual Rockstar release of Red Dead Redemption. Along that, there Is no guarantee Red Dead Redemption 2 will ever come to PC as the predecessor did not come. Till then these modders have us covered.
The modders have announced that they need help to “reverse-engineer” the file formats and textures from RDR into GTA V, and will accept anyone who wants to help them. Lets hope they are successful so that we can ever get to play Red Dead Redemption on a PC. It seems unlikely that they will be able to add some minigames and some of the game’s features such as dead-eye targeting and such.
Still, I have my fingers crossed for this mod. Let’s hope it turns out good. A few screencaps presented by them are here as you can see.
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