Amazon-owned Ring has launched a drone camera for you home. You heard that right! The company that specializes in home security equipment has launched a camera that can fly around inside your house, giving you a complete view of it through a video feed. This unique new surveillance system, called the Ring Always Home Cam, will give you vibes of being in a sci-fi film but it’s a real product that’s coming out next year with a price tag of $250 affixed to it.

Your pets are definitely going to freak out for the first few instances that you use the product, but otherwise, there are quite a few positives here as well. In keeping with today’s privacy concerns, the Ring Always Home Cam has been built in such a way that its camera stays hidden inside its dock when it’s not flying around. Oh and did we mention it can fly back into its dock on its own? It can!

Another privacy feature embedded into it is the noise its fans make that has deliberately not been muffled so as to let people know of its presence. Ring says that the Always Home Cam can prove to be important to see whether you’ve accidentally kept your stove on, left your door unlocked or forgotten to shut your windows.

This camera has been created with flexibility in mind. Ring’s other home-based cameras are fixed in nature and despite the fact that they can spin 360 degrees and can offer a really wide field of view, they are fixed at a certain point. That means you would have to purchase one for every room. With the Ring Always Home Cam, one camera is enough for the entire house as you can get a surveillance of all the rooms anytime you want.

The setup process involves the camera mapping your house thoroughly to make sure it never bumps into any of your walls. You can fly it remotely at will or also program it to trigger when a disturbance is detected by the Ring alarm system. Getting into the Ring ecosystem is hence a pretty good idea if you’re going to purchase this new product.

It of course comes with an obstacle avoidance system and its propellers are enclosed to avoid any damage to your property or your pets. It’s range is limited enough to be used indoors so forget about using it to keep an eye on large plots. In terms of the camera, it provides standard 1080p footage like most other Ring cameras.

The Ring Always Home Cam is also pretty small in size and can fit right into the décor of your house. As bizarre as it sounds, drone based home surveillance is now a reality and it’s up to you to decide whether you need such a product in your house or not. If you find a particular usage scenario that you might want employ its services for, it comes out sometime next year.