According to a supposed leak by a YouTuber called “TheFamilyVideoGamers”, a few “leaked” images of the latest upcoming Call of Duty video game were emailed to him by an unknown source. As you can see, some of the images appear to be concept art or box art for a call of duty game by the name “Call of Duty: WWII” And he claimed that this Call of Duty will be released by Sledgehammer games in this year, 2017.

There are a few hints that have attracted people towards this, even though the guy’s channel had only 320 subscribers at the time he posted the video about leaked images. In 2014, the head of Sledgehammer games did say that he wanted another Call of Duty game set in World War 2, by saying “I think a next generation game with the latest production values and robustness in a World War II setting like Band of Brothers would be amazing.” And alongside this, In February, Activision announced that this year’s Call of Duty would be made by Sledgehammer games, and that the game would “In 2017 Activision will take Call of Duty back to its roots, and traditional combat will once again take center stage,” as Ahuja said.
Still, there has been no response from Activision regarding these images whatsoever.
We ourselves are very doubtful about these images for a number of reasons. First of all, why would a big game company tease their upcoming game by sending the box art to a small YouTube channel. And why would “Roots” refer to WW2, when it could mean it’s going back to the present state of military tactics, like Modern Warfare.

And the bottom line is that who knows whether he is some big troll type of guy who made this art himself and has “leaked” it just to get more subscribers for his channel. But then, Call of Duty games have always been teased in a similar way, so maybe the upcoming one IS present in WW2 because of the high demand for old-school type shooters. Who knows? Honestly.
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