Ryzen 5

Lineup : 1400, 1500x,  1600,  1600x

All of them are very similar and they have unique features aswell consuming and awesome capibilities, they are unlocked multipliers and they are overclockable.Now obviously the Ryzen 5 Chips are going to cost less, and considering the performance of the Ryzen technology, they will surely outperform some of its rivals from the other side.


The Ryzen 5 family has guts to be “Good”? well lets find out…

1600x:             Price : $250
Cores                      6
Threads                  12
Base Clock             3.6 GHz
Boost Clock           4.0 GHz
Cooler                    not Included.
TDP                        95 watts


1600:                  Price: $220
Cores                     6
Threads                 12
Base Clock            3.2 GHz
Boost Clock           3.6 GHz
Cooler                    Wrath Spire
TDP                        65 watts
1500x                Price : $190
Cores                    4
Threads                8
Base Clock            3.5 GHz
Boost Clock           3.7 GHz
Cooler                   Wrath Spire
TDP                     65 watts


1400                  Price : $170
Cores                   4
Threads               8
Base Clock          3.2 GHz
Boost Clock         3.4 GHz
Cooler                 Wrath Stealth
TDP                     65 watts


The Ryzen 5 Features.

Game optimization

Unlock multipliers.
Precision Boost.
Temp monitoring.
Adaptive Control.
XFR, Extended Frequency Range.
Neural Net Prediction.
Smart Prefetch.
Lowe Temps.
40 % Better better performance per clock.
Power Efficient.


The Ryzen 5 CPU’s will be launched on 11th April 2017.

So stay tune, we will see Ryzen performance against the Intel 7th generation processors very soon.

So you must be wondering the difference between Wraith Stealth and Wraith Spire CPU Cooler?

Well i will tell you the basic difference, Wraith Stealth is meant for Ryzen 1400 and Wraith Spire is meant for Ryzen 1600 and Ryzen 1500x


So here’s AMD again aiming to provide us with the best budget CPU’z for working and gaming.
Overall the specs are great, Especially with the 6 core and 12 thread CPUs in mid range, the price is really a step up for the budget gamers.
So far everything looks good, & we are looking forward to see the same from the intel side as well.