Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Vs. Samsung Galaxy S8


The new Samsung Galaxy Note 8 typically faces some stiff competition from the OnePlus five as well as the LGV30 to the entire family of iPhone. However, for Samsung fans, the most extensive and challenging decision will be whether to purchase the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 or buy the Samsung Galaxy S8. It is wise to note that the Galaxy Note 8 is somehow similar in various ways to the Galaxy S8. However, its main difference between these two competitors and of course, flagships makes its comparison more interesting.


Galaxy Note 8 Vs. Galaxy S8 Specifications


The 5.8-inches screen and super AMOLED display on the Samsung Galaxy S8 are truly stunning. However, if you need a bigger canvas, the Samsung Note 8 is the best and have all your needs covered. The Samsung Note 8 has a 6.3-inches screen display which is the most prominent screen in the current lineup of Samsung. This makes it ideal for getting serious work done and also watching movies using the Included S Pen. Compared to the Samsung Galaxy S8, the Galaxy Note 8 allows you to do more with its additional real estate. There is a new design for App Pair, and this feature enables you to launch two applications simultaneously, such as YouTube and Browser, or Google Maps and Music App. On the other hand, the Galaxy S8 has the feature of Multiple Windows, but you have to launch them separately.



The Galaxy S8 is one of the best Camera Phone on the entire Samsung’s Lineup. However, the Galaxy Note 8 takes the number one spot. The Note 8 is the first device or handset in this lineup that provides dual cameras on the back and also performs exceptionally well. The Galaxy Note 8 has 12-megapixel cameras that typically boast about the 2x optical zoom. In fact, this matches with the iPhone 7 Plus and also the 10x digital zoom. The Galaxy Note 8 cameras sport visual image stabilization which results in steadier shots. This dual camera in the Galaxy Note 8 makes a significant difference from the Galaxy S8.


If there is another area that the Galaxy Note 8 vs. the Samsung Galaxy Note S8 are almost identical is in the design. The Galaxy S range has hugely shown what is to come up and the entire release of the Galaxy Note. In this case, there is no different, with the design language of Galaxy Note S8 forming the blueprint for the Galaxy Note 8. However, one of the most polarizing design options on the Galaxy S8 is the location of the fingerprint sensor. The fingerprint sensor is located to the right of the device camera on the rear. Therefore, the sensor is more recessed on the Galaxy Note 8 compared to the Galaxy S8, a feature that assists in locating it with your finger.


The entire Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Vs. Samsung Galaxy S8 comparison still holds valid that Samsung Galaxy Note series remains to be the significant Smartphone that will provide a built-in stylus as well as sets the standards of their productivity. The big screen display makes it a multitasking and multimedia powerhouse. Furthermore, the dual camera of the Galaxy Note 8 provides you with new possibilities of photos as well as video recording properties that are not found in the Samsung Galaxy S8.