Well, the competition is increasing day by day, we have seen a lot of Monitors/LED’s lately, but something always surprises us, recently we discussed Dell 8k monitor, this time something similar is available which will shock you. Samsung Recently Revealed their 2 brand new Monitor, which is the most curved monitor with the best quality. The Monitor is mainly designed for work & Gaming.


This LED is called Samsung CHG90, it’s the widest LED available in the market with Freesync and many features, It has a total resolution of 3840×1080 Featuring 32:9 Aspect Ratio and 49-inch Panel. It has 178 Degree view angle, apart from this the Monitor is capable of supporting Super 144Hz Experience without any issues. CHG90 features Quantum Dot Crystal and SRGB Coverage up to 125% making it perfect choice.


Like I said Samsung also released another separate model too, While the CHG90 has much more enthusiast class, the C27HG70 also delivers a similar experience, the C27HG70 supports the same 144Hz But it has 2560×1440 resolution, The C27HG70 will be soon available in 31 Inch and 27 Inch Models. As you learned the features lets get to the main advantages.

There is no doubt that Samsung has rocked with their releases, both monitors similarly support AMD latest FreeSync, HDR, this will allow Gamers to play on better FPS without any lagg or stuttering. Most likely Samsung has favoured Gamers with their releases.


Well as everyone would have expected a too expensive price? may its expensive for some people out there but definitely its worth buying since it offers so Good Experience. The Enthusiast Class CHG90 will feature a Price point of $1,499 meanwhile the lower Class C27HG70 31 Inch will feature price point of $699 and the 27 Inch will have $599 price point.

Conclusion, Worth Buying?

Well with all these features and Specifications, i’d definitely recommend them since this is something new In the market with total High-End Resolution and absolutely Good Deserved Price, Samsung both Releases are Good for Gaming since they offer 144 Hz that will help in FPS Games and most likely you’ll start to enjoy the work too. We Heard that the New Samsung Releases are offering Extremely Good & Sharp Photos. That is a surprise itself, I Totally think Its worth buying if you are too enthusiastic with this stuff, what are your thoughts?