Samsung is believed to be the trend setter within the Android family globally. Samsung S9+ is one of the flagship projects that have seen a radical change and twerking that has seen a paradigm shift on the elegant and eye catching design. With the official launch on Friday, 16 March 2018, orders are currently being accepted. Capturing videos at 960 frames per second, Samsung S9 Plus has a dual-lens camera that provides a telephoto experience when in action.

Speakers: The previous galaxy did not have speakers that could match the screen size. However, with the Samsung S9 plus and incorporation of an AKG tuned stereo speakers are set up that are much louder just to match the improved screen size of the phone.

Improved Bio-metrics: Trying to catch up the Apples face technology, the Samsung S9 plus iris scanner and the face unlock both work at the same time to unlock the phone. Worthy to note, while using the unlock features, it hides the notification content. That is some improvement in terms of privacy. Once the verification is done, you need to revert back to the notification by pulling down the shade.

  1. Design:

When it comes to design, none beats Samsung. It’s no surprise they are continuing with their design ethos of melding metal frame with glass panels. Additionally, Samsung has made a significant change to the rear alignment. Now, you will find the fingerprint sensor aligned to the center below the camera. Thanks to clients feedback on S8 which had misalignment scanner and the camera.

2. Display:

The 18.5:9 aspect ratio has just set standards for all the smartphones. The phone can display a Quad+ High Definition resolution. The display screen has been improved and it covers about 90% of the front screen. Besides, there has been a reduction on the bezel which makes the phone to have fine touch edges. It is worth noting that Samsung still maintains the 6.2 inch display.

3. The AR Emoji:

Responding to Apples Animoji, Samsung has made a debut on S9+ through AR Emoji. It uses the front 8MP camera to analyze images and maps them on a 3D avatar. If you are a photo lover, then you have got to love this technology as it will allow you to record your expression and share it with your friends.

4. Camera:

First of its kind the aperture technology switches from f/1.5 to f/2.4. This helps in ensuring that the images captured are not exposed to much light. If you are a photo lover then this phone perfectly fits.

In the market right now, Samsung S9 Plus is one of the best big phone sizes. The 6.2 inch display screen is elegant and spacious the new features have been nicely twerked to help improve client’s experience. Click here to find out more electronics’ reviews on Qatar Blogs. Did you find this article helpful? Rate us and Leave us a comment at the comment section.