Do you desire to make your home a little smarter? In spite of being in its infancy stage, smart home system technology is becoming more popular by day. Gone are the days when adjusting your thermostat meant interrupting your important work. With the smart home system technology, you can enjoy automation conveniences all times. Here are some of the smart home systems to streamline your indoor activities.


  1. Wink Relay

It is a smart home touchscreen control panel that allows you to access your Wi-Fi products using the wink app. Have the opportunity of customizing house temperature and humidity using the app’s in-built sensor.  You simply turn on devices when you need them. Don’t worry about switches becoming obsolete for Wink provides a solution.

  1. GE Z-Wave Wireless: Home Automation Smart Home Lighting

The modern switch will enable you to become the master of your lighting system. You wirelessly control your lighting through turning them on and off, and schedule them. It is neatly crafted thus, practically is unnoticeable in the house. It comes packed with anti-burglary features keeping your house free from thieves.

  1. Sensi Smart thermostat

Are you among those people who want to have the right temperature at the right time? Then Sensi Smart is the right device for you. The device can easily be connected to the Wi-Fi and be controlled from anywhere, thanks to its high compatibility in many homes. Invest in this device if you are looking for a device that will become your center for regulating the temperature in your house.

  1. weMo Light Switch

Overcome the limitation of switches by having a seamless control over your light using this device. You can combine it with the automation bulbs to enjoy a fully integrated lighting experience. When you link it to your Nest thermostat, it conditions your light to switch itself off immediately you live the house. Use this device to time your lighting system especially in the darker months and bring life into your home.

  1. Smart Plug Mini

Are you worried about how to control remotely connected devices? Mini smart plug is will offer a lasting solution to this problem. Once scheduled, the remote control automatically turns devices on and off as per the settings. It works with any plugged in device. It can control your light or even your coffee machine to prepare a cup for you immediately you wake up. This device can automate your entire home.

  1. Etekcity 5-Channel

The wireless home remote controller is equipped with five buttons to control five channels. It can work with one or more outlets to enable you to reprogram a plug and respond to new remote. The device enables you to turn off all your connected sockets in seconds. You don’t have to worry about appliances consuming your standby power.

  1. TP-Link Smart LED bulb

These automation bulbs can be controlled using an app installed in phones or tablet, such as Amazon Echo. It enables you to control the brightness of the bulb to the level that you want. You don’t have to connect it to the Wi-Fi in order to use it.