Yes, you heard it Right, if you have recently built a PC and that isn’t booting properly or you had a running PC from several Years and that isn’t booting so well, this guide is for you, our Guide promises to ensure all solutions, and points that will definitely help, these methods are used before and are helpful for many. If you are reading this guide and you have the bootup issue or something similar, and these methods didn’t work so comment below, we may find a solution

Yes sometimes the RAM is faulty, and it has a proper effect on PC Bootup, I’ve personally had PC Bootup issue, My PC Use to just show a blink and it turned off, our Solution is to try changing the Ram, checking new rams, and also changing the Ram slots


Processor Pins
Bent Processor pins are something serious issue to worry about if your Processor Pins are bent while cleaning, so you should repair it, Local shopkeepers will help you do that.


Power Supply/Modular Wires
Usually, when the Power supply has an issue, it is unable to provide full power, this means that your PC is unable to boot, and will make beep sounds, the solution to this issue Is first to check your Power supply on another PC, and ensure that it’s working.
Modular Power Supplies have common issue, their cables get loose by time, and re-attaching the cables will help, loose cables are one of PC Boot causes


Thermal Paste
If you have a new build and that isn’t booting up properly, Well that’s because your Processor is being heated up and has no thermal paste applied, If you are running a PC From past 5 Years, and now It has started some bootup issues, so you should replace the thermal paste, when the Processor is too hot, It is unable to boot up. Applying too much Thermal Paste isn’t good at all, you should avoid that too


Cmos battery
When your BIOS has issues, you should probably remove the CMOS battery and re-assemble it, this will help reset the BIOS, which is causing your PC not to boot up Properly, actually, this has worked for many. You should remove Cmos battery for 10 seconds and insert it back, this will help


Re-assembling the PC
Yes, Re-assembling the whole PC will help solve many issues like Power supply cables, Rams etc, it’s very helpful, you must have forgotten some wires, and this solution will cover it all


You might wanna check the motherboard because faulty motherboards won’t even show the Display if you are having one of these issues, you should check your motherboard on friends PC, or In the Shop. if you have bought a new motherboard and that is creating issues so claim your warranty immediately


Assembled PC On Carpet?
Well if you have assembled the PC On carpet, you have made things even worse, Assembling PC on Carpet causes Electro-Current which runs in your hardware due to which the PC won’t boot up, apart from this it may cause several hardware to burn.


Conclusion/Common Solutions
Well the above listed all solutions work fine, they are truly helpful, speaking of which some other solutions are common and they can help too, Cleaning PC is also helpful, Checking Temperatures is also helpful, You can improve your temperatures by removing side panel or mounting new fans. Before ending up the Article, I’d definitely recommend one thing that never assembles your PC On carpet. You should always Assemble on floor or plastic Anti-static area, apart from this Never Assemble your PC on any cloth, and never use cloth to clean it