Yes as the Title assumes It’s True, Spider-Man PS4 Edition was originally displayed in E3 2016, Insomniac confirmed few things that the Game will be free-roam and will have a lot bigger World, The Grappling Skills, Running will be improved, However, we have not seen anything yet.

The Game has shown no signs of it being Revealed anytime soon, As people were expecting that the Spide-Man Game may be displayed in E3 2017, and Release date would be somehow announced, lately Insomniac officially posted this on twitter.

Insomniac has confirmed that Spiderman will be displayed at #E3 2017. The Game is situated in New York, where we will see Peter Parker and his skills, seeing how he defend the Cities, Yes it’s all true & we can wait till next week!

Vampyr – E3 2017 Trailer was also released lately, see Details Here