There are many cases in the market, but some cases are really bad to their price, today we will see which case is the best in a budget of $80. Buyers must be confused after seeing a lot of these cases In the market, So we thought we would write a supportive guide for buying $80 case, Cases we will include, Thermaltake View 27, Phanteks P400s, Corsair 100r, Thermaltake Versa Series, Cooler Master N400, NZXT S340

We chose some of the cases from their Brands, we only chose those which were available on Amazon and Newegg apart from this The cases we did select are kind of good too, and they are used widely. So let’s start

Thermaltake Versa n26/n25/n21
Well, these are Good cases from Thermaltake but previously asIi was searching I saw that the reviews were not that good, the Case price is bit high, and is cheap plastic apart from this It has no RGB or any sort of Lighting. The case has bad Cable management System nothing good to its price.

Cooler Master N400
The case is good, has Premium Quality but as said, It has bad Cable management and the case is really congested, Cooler Master promised that it’ll have support for Radiator, but it seems that nothing like Radiator Fits In there, so I’ll Suggest this Against Thermaltake N26, but still under $80 it’s bad. It has support for 240 mm water cooling radiator

Corsair Carbide Series SPEC-03
Well, it is a decent case from Corsair and has a lot of support, its Open and has Good Cable Management, the case has Perfect Quality, It’s the top Case in SPEC series. The case has flexible cooling potential and has Good Airflow. It has mounting points for up to six fans, including dual front 140mm or 120mm fans, dual 120mm fans on top, a bottom-mounted 120mm fan, and a rear 120mm fan. It has USB 3.0 on the front too.

Corsair 100R
Back in the days, Corsair 100r Was one of the finest cases, but later as time passes the case was nothing in front of SPEC-03 and many other Cases. Corsair 100r has silent Edition too the case is flawless, It has Good quality, Open Cable management system, Normal looks and clearly Good Airflow. It has the ability to hold 4 SSD’s. The case has a range of Cooling access, so no worries fitting anything.

no doubt that It is a beast Case, and NZXT even proved it with S340 Elite, the NZXT S340 has 90% steel durability, has dust filters in front, Cable management plastics though It has no Holes for wires passing by. The S340 is available in many colours though only White is available under $80. Its still a good case, the bad point is that S340 catches fingerprints easily and you have to clean it again and again. The Case has PSU shroud too and has good looks.

Thermaltake View 27
Well, looking at the Thermaltake View 27, the case isn’t bad, the design looks nice, The front 3 fans are really good and has solid Good looks. It has USB 3.0 on the front and has no RGB or Lightning buttons, The case comes with Pre-installed 1 fan, The case has huge Side cover. The case has a lot of disadvantages, You can’t mount fans on top, Installing the Case Cover is really hard and isn’t easy at all, Case front catches fingerprints very easily, the side of the case easily catches scratches. Buyers have also reported that the Case temperatures are really bad and the vertical GPU Placement is totally bad, not worth it at all, the temperatures increase really fast once you place the GPU Vertically.

Phantenks P400s Silent Edition
The case has good design, and It is really silent, The case support is almost equal to many $100+ cases out there, It has RGB which be can be switched via a button on Top, It has Side Panel which is a bit dark though you can see it clear once installing LED Lights, The Cable management is Proper and has rubber grommets. The case is modular 4x HDDS are modular they are totally optional. The case has sound proofing panels, front/top/side. The case comes with pre-installed cable ties for easy cable management. The reviews of the case are really great, didn’t see many bad reviews. The case comes with 2 Fans pre-installed & has built in fan controller which can be controlled from the Top. The case has open Design, so no tension when fitting long GPUS like HOF, Strix Cards.


Conclusion, Actual Winner?
After searching a lot I came to a conclusion that Phantenks P400s is the best $80 Budget Gaming Case, apart from this the tough Competitor to this case was S340 from NZXT, but still Phantenks P400s is really good Comparing NZXT S340, and View 27, 100r, Versa, N400 are not even close to this case. It has all those features which make It the winner!, Example
Fan Controller
USB 3.0
Easy Cable Management due to rubber grommets & Cable ties
Open from inside.
Modular Design
PSU Shroud.

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