Well Talking about Mafia, It’s just an awesome Game Series. We Remember Vito Scalleta and Joe Barbaro and yes also Tommy Angelo from Mafia I. Recently Mafia 3 was released in which a New Character took place, his name was Lincoln Clay, Mafia Productions knew that fans would miss Vito so they obviously added Vito as an ally, Most of the Mafia Games are situated in Empire Bay since Empire Bay is known for its Criminal activites. Mafia is a series of action-adventure video game Developed by Hangar 13 & 2k Czech But initially Published by 2k Games

Platform of Mafia Games : Xbox, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 2

Mafia I.    Platform being Windows, PlayStation 2 & XBOX Mafia was a perfect game since it offered better shooting and driving mechanics & Physics. Initially, Mafia has a character named Tommy Angelo who is a Taxi Driver and gets in some Mafia Activities. The Game had a wonderful review by the Fans and was rated Perfect by some sites, Mafia was released on 27 August 2002, and had Single Player Game Mode.
Mafia II.  Well true Gamers wont miss this Game Because it had such an awesome surrounding and wonderful Characters whether they were Criminals or Main Game Character, Mafia 2 is Basically situated in Empire Bay, Where you play as player name Vito Scalleta who had been an Army Veteran and had returned Home, During His return he meets his old Friend Joe Barbaro, and later they start their Criminal activities. The game has wonderful story Vito being sent to Jail and coming back Taking Revenge is just awesome, It was initially released on 23 August 2010, and was available on PlayStation 3, Windows , Microsoft 360.
Mafia III.Originally being the Latest Mafia Game Mafia III. offers comprehensive Game mechanics and offers awesome Graphics after you apply some Reshade Mods, The Game is dependent on Player Lincoln Clay who had spent his Time in Army and returns home where he further takes care of his business, after being betrayed by his friend he seeks to take revenge where things get interesting. Mafia III was initially released on 7 October 2016 and was available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One & Microsoft Windows.