Buying Case

Well buying case which has best airflow, ssd support , fan mountings , radiator mountings is very important.Some users are not able to fit their all components in a simple $10 case thats why the unique new cases are designed to fullfill user’s requirements

Here are 8 Things you must know before buying any PC case

1 : Check All components if they can be fitted or not

First of all check all components wether they fit in perfectly or not, you cant judge any case by its picture thats why you can check if all components fit perfectly or not via pcpartpicker, In pcpartpicker you design your own build adding the case you want to buy and you’ll be able to check if everything fits perfectly or not, mostly it depends on your CPU Cooler VGA Length as well motherboard size.

2 : Check the airflow and reviews on It

Many cases are so expensive and they look badass but when it comes to airflow everything screws it up, they dont have proper airflow which may cause bad temperature, over heating etc.Before buying any case always Check a review on it.


3 : Fan/Radiator Mountings

Well if you own a radiator and you wanna buy a new case and you wanna fit the radiator in your new case so probally you should check if your radiator can be perfectly fitted, some cases dont have support for radiator even though they look so open.


4 : Cable Management space.

Cable Management means alot to every gamer who wants his PC to fit neat and clean.while building a PC its very hard to hide all cables in conjusted case which usually has very less space for cable management.Cable management is also important because if your cables are lying in front of the motherboard it will make alot of issues like wire touching fans etc.


5 : SSD Support and Hard Drive cages

If you own a SSD and alot of Hard drive and basically you have a storage system so you must need to have a check on the case you are buying, many cases usually come with 3 hard drive cages and no ssd brackets, so that might be an issue for you, always make sure that SSD brackets & Hard Drive cages are present, else your SSD would be lying around and it may damage your hardware.


6 : Easy to scratch?

Alot of premium cases have “Easy to Scratch” issue, that means when you are building a new PC, your case will be screwed up it’ll easily scratch and it’ll will change your case looks.Many cases scratch too quick.


7 : Catches Fingerprints easily?

Some cases have unique features but they have a big disadvantage, they catch fingerprints easily & some fingerprints are hard to clean you need to do alot of effort to clean it with microfibre or anything else.A Case beauty is ripped off when it catches alot of fingerprints and obviously when you touch It a bit it’ll catch the fingerprint.


8 : Dust filters

Dust filters means alot to those who regularly clean their Case, dust filter plays important role in carrying out airflow aswell keeping dust away from your case.Many users have reported that cases without dust filters are catching dust too quick and they are annoyed by it.


The following factors play important role, they mean alot to every buyer thats why every buyer should always consider checking these factors.If one of these factors isn’t present in your case then you may be in deep trouble and you’ll be disappointed of your purchase, So stop waiting, and make your purchase from Pakistan’s top case store