Coined in 1955 as a sub-discipline in computer science, Artificial intelligence today includes numerous technologies that are relatively new to the world. However, there are some technologies which have already been tried and are entirely in use in the market today. In this article, we are going to discuss top four best AI apps used in iOS and Android.



Cortana application was made available to Windows users after the launch of Windows 10. The app is almost known to all who have at least interacted with windows. Today, it has been made available on windows phone also. Cortana helps users manage their tasks that would otherwise need manual work. For instance, you may decide to schedule a meeting, and the rest will be handled by Cortana. Additionally, you can use it to search for desired commodities over the internet or even send emails. However, for you to use Cortana, you need to sign up for a Microsoft account and make use of it.

Hound Artificial intelligence App

Similar to the conventional Google voice search, Hound is best apps you would probably love to use. Without having to use your fingers, you can say “Ok Hound,” and it will display the results almost instantly. Besides being used as a search tool, with Hound, you are capable of setting up multiple alarms according to your needs. Also, you can listen to your favorite music curated in the Sound Hound playlist. Additionally, you can use the app to know the current weather and probably you can use it to search for the nearby restaurants especially if you are not familiar with the area you are in.


If you want to improve your English accent without having to part with a hefty fee, then, Elsa is your one-stop place for an app to check. An abbreviation for English Language Speech Assistant), it is an artificial intelligence app that offers professional coaching on pronunciation coupled with a series of teaching materials and exercise for your practice. The app is free on iTunes and plays store download it and start your English language right away.


This is one of the most popular apps especially among those who would like to get information about traffic. It acts as a personal assistant on the go. Conclusively easy to use, Robin allows users to write text through voice. You can get GPS navigation, local information, and jokes without having to move your eyes off the road.

Artificial intelligence is an effective way to save time and be productive throughout the day. The above-discussed apps can help you explore the power of AI. The future of AI is uncertain, and many anticipate it will revolutionize and change human interactions.