If you were a gamer ever since birth, or discovered it later at some point in your early life, you probably remember playing arcade games; at the mall; maybe a restaurant’s kid’s area; maybe at the arcade or somewhere else. Then this post will give you a rush of nostalgia and you will relive all your memories of playing those amazing games at the arcade, and you probably want to try them again. Those were the days, when you used to watch Pokemon and Samurai Jack and Johnny Bravo, and have nothing to worry about except missing your favorite cartoons because of the electricity or waking up late. This list will make you ride the memory trains once again. We hope you like this top ten list. Without further ado, let’s get into them.

10. Pong
The highly addictive minimalist game in which you have to move a paddle and make it strike against a moving ball and give it to the other player until one of you miscalculates and misses. This was the staple of the arcade, and everyone has played this simple game at some point of their lives, at least once. You could also play against a friend and if would feel as if you were a professional tennis player playing against his rival. It was simple but really fun, and on the hardest difficult nerve-wrecking and intense.
9. Frogger
Ah, this classic game. The game where you have to make a frog cross the road safely and avoid things like cars and water and get the little frog to the lily pad. This game was also adapted by the name sheepish. If you have played this then you probably remember how glorious it was to make the frog safely cross the road and how you felt like a pro when you made the frog cross safely, and you could brag about it to everyone. This was pretty much all this simple game had to offer.
8. Galaga and Space Invaders
We’ve placed both names together as you probably did not know how to distinguish between the 2 yourselves just as we could not. In these classic games you could alone, or with a friend, fight hordes and hordes of alien invaders which appeared and sometimes gain a few abilities. It was adventurous and both fun to play. While playing this you would feel like an astronaut or an actual spaceship commander who is guiding his fleet to attack the bad guys, in a nutshell, it felt awesome to play this one.
7. Arkanoid
Now most of you probably don’t remember this game by its name and don’t remember what it was, but you actually do. This was the name of the game in which you controlled a paddle which was used to bounce a ball and make it break some bricks on top. In the higher levels the ball got faster and sometimes enemies appeared which were just annoying. In some versions of it you had power ups as well. Just like all of the other games, this was also fun as hell to play.
6. F1 Racer
Yes, this was the game in which you controlled a car which could turn left and right and had to race against other cars. It was viewed from an angle behind the car, and hence the game felt very 3D-ish and realistic. There were 3 tracks in which there were 3 races, each with their own number of laps. In a certain game mode, you even had a manual car in which you had to control the gears and clutch perfectly. This was released in many different versions depending on the region and arcade machine. This game probably had you thinking of yourself as a high level racer.
5. Dig Dug
There is nothing much to say about this, but this was a highly addictive and fun game. You controlled a character, probably a miner, who dug tunnels and made the other characters explode by pumping them full of air. It might seem violent but it actually wasn’t as it might sound. It is still one of the most famous arcade games and even received a sequel which was very good.
4. Pacman
Of course, who doesn’t remember Pacman, where you were some face-character running and eating some things and you had to run from ghosts unless you had a power-up where you could eat them. This game was also highly successful and received many other games such as Ms. Pacman, Pacman Adventures, Pacman 2 etc. It is also a type of game which almost every gamer has played once in their lives, and as addicting as it was, probably more than once.
3. Elevator Action
This was the James Bond game of that era, one in which you were some spy descending from a building who had to shoot his way through many floors of enemies. You could get in elevators and enter in doors, and even shoot the lights on a level. It felt like the perfect spy game in that time. It also had a sequel which was good. It ranks in the best arcade games of all time. This was very fun to play.
2. Metal Slug
Personally, this is THE BEST arcade game I have ever played. Everyone who has played this series knows how fun it was. In Metal Slug, you could control a character of your choice out of 4, and had to fight a lot of enemies in a run-and-gun gameplay mode. You could get upgrades, grenades, and new weapons like the Iconic HEAVY MACHINE GUN. It even had vehicles such as Tanks, Metal Slug Tanks, Submarines, Camels, Helicopters, Mechs, Jets, and even robot suits. I’m talking about all of the games till Metal Slug X in general here. Every game had its specialty and I sometimes still play it using a MAME Emulator. This was definitely memorable. Go play it once again!
Tekken, Street Fighter, King of Fighters, SoulCalibur
We listed all the fighting games together here because honestly, in their childhood, who cared about the names? We used to mash the buttons and move the joystick in circles fast to win using the characters which we liked. These fighting games were the most fun to play, and put on the most fun In the arcade. Sometimes, kids even used to settle their differences by betting who will defeat whom in Tekken. These fighting games were the staples of arcades, and that was why you would constantly hear “Hadouken, Hadouken, Hadouken, Shoryuken” etc. the second you entered any arcade.