appear in Kingdom Hearts as well. This might be expensive to buy but once you buy it, you will surely realise that it is the best ever game on mobiles. We are back again with another top ten list. This is a list of games which you can play on your mobile phone which we think are the best. Keep in mind some of these are exclusive to one platform; but I will provide alternatives for them and most games listed here are not available on Android. Sorry to say but as an Apple fan myself, for its user interface and simplicity, these games are the ones everyone should try playing at least once. This list comprises mostly of the genres Action, Survival, Stealth, Adventure, and RPG. Mobile gaming is still growing each day, and with more and more console-quality amazing titles. A few games which probably should’ve been included here are Modern Combat 4 and 5, N.O.V.A. 3, Vainglory, and Real Racing. Almost all of these are paid, but well worth the cash.

10. Survivalcraft
Of course, now sue me for adding a Minecraft clone. What I think is this is much better than Minecraft Pocket Edition and is the closest thing to the PC version of Minecraft. It is one of the best survival and crafting games to be found on the AppStore and PlayStore. Survivalcraft puts you in the shoes of a guy abandoned on a shore of an undiscovered Island(s) where no other humans are to be found. There are a lot of things to balance such as Stamina, Hunger, Health, and Body Temperature. Even a slight thought of nourishment. The character can craft almost the same things as in Minecraft except this is more realistic. Minecraft feels like a kid’s game in front of this. This adds weapons like Spears, Crossbows, and Bombs. Redstone is known as electrics here. The implementation of logic gates is quite realistic. There are a ton of biomes or terrains to explore on foot, on horseback, on a camel, or on a boat. It’s on both platforms.
9. CounterSpy
Undoubtedly one of the most iconic and best stealth games to ever hit mobiles. This was released alongside the PS4 version. The game has amazing graphics, an awesome thrilling storyline, which, by the way, is fortunately endless. It puts you in the shoes of a Cold-War aka Proxy War spy whose mission is to sneak into a top-secret Russian missile research lab and to disable the missiles set for destruction of other countries. The character has many weapons, abilities, and gadgets which can be used from silences pistols to grenade launches. Or the player can simple sneak up behind enemies to snap their necks. This game is the best for stealth fans, it will have them playing for hours and hours on end, and doesn’t feel complete until you unlock everything in the shop. The game features a DEFCON level system which changes the difficulty. This one is definitely worth playing.
8. Wayward Souls.
This is the ideal game for dungeon crawling fans. This game features a story where some evil guy has taken over a castle and a character has to advance from the Dungeon to the Castle, fighting a variety of Bosses and enemies along the way, with very scarce save points. This game is very unforgiving, you have to play for like half an hour to reach the first boss after which there is the FIRST savepoint of the game! Meaning each time you die, you have to start all over again. But the player will probably come better prepared next time with upgrades. It’s very difficult to play even on the easiest difficulty, but that is what gives this game is place in our list. The redemptive suffered happiness of completing even one mission is very promising. Its available on Apple and Android both, and is the best go-to game in a wait for people who are worms for games like these.
7. Pixel Dungeon
At first this was released exclusively for Android, and I was one of them who played this game on Android in its early days, after which it made the jump to iOS as of the fan’s demands. This is one epic dungeon crawler. It is based on the game originally for Windows, called “Brogue”. This game features a different playstyle than Wayward souls; you tell the character where to go using taps and attack other creatures using taps. You can find a variety of scrolls and potions which aen’t identified at first, and can be one used, drunk, or thrown. There are 4 characters. Each one with their own special abilities. In my own opinion, this is a game everybody should have on their smartphone, no matter what. It has provided hours of entertainment. Failure is quite common while playing and then you have to start the whole thing all over again.
6. Party Hard Go!
This one literally feels as if it were Manhunt’s and Hotline Miami’s child. It bears a lot of similarity to both, and is amazingly fun to play. The story is about a guy named Darius who is disturbed late at night because of his neighbors who are having a loud party at 3A.M. He sets out to kill every single person in that party. Through the missions, you will unlock new types of parties and new cutscenes that add to the storyline. The player has a knife by default and can pick up weapons, bombs, and use traps and a lot more. The game also features 5 other characters; including a policeman, a woman, a ninja, Dracula, a psychopath with a chainsaw, and just a regular guy with a hockey mask and a knife. The game is very gory and violent, and just brutal sometimes. Overall, it is fun to play and is one of the best indie games you can find on the AppStore and The PlayStore both. BONUS FOR ANDROID USERS: Android user can actually download the original game which inspired this: Hotline Miami as it Is available on the playstore.
5. Infinity Blade 3
Infinity Blade 3 was the latest addition to the Infinity Blade series. It has original and unique gameplay mechanics, some awesome console-quality visuals and backdrops, which are just GORGEOUS sometimes and you have to stop and take everything in before continuing. You can play as 2 characters. They have unique abilities and fighting styles and weapons. There are a lot of weapon classes as well. The game itself is one of the top games on the AppStore and has received many rewards. It is built upon the Unreal Engine. There are a lot of bosses and in this game, 3, there are some RPG elements as well and the world is open. Though I personally did not like this as much as Infinity Blade 2, this is still a great successor to the game. And bad news for Android, that this isn’t available for them. As an alternative, android users could play Blood and Glory which has the same fighting schematics, or maybe Shadow Fight 2.
4. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
OF COURSE! How could we not add this game which made so many good memories for you. The game by Rockstar that is one of the best open world games, which follows the story of James Vercetti, has been ported to iOS and Android both on its 10th anniversary by Rockstar Officially. This port is very good, the graphics and gameplay has been enhanced to a great extent, and the gameplay itself feels a lot better and playable. This was released after Grand Theft Auto 3 was released on the stores. As this game is very famous we have nothing to say about the story, but about the App’s interface we can say that it is very smooth and polished and feels amazing to play.
3. Infinity Blade 2
This was the second installment to the Infinity Blade series, but according to us the best game in its trilogy. The graphics were simply breathtaking, the fine polished landscape and enemies added in to it. The combat mechanics were even more improved and new weapons had been added. The game itself was just epic to play and the bosses were fascinating and indulging. You would find yourself shedding hours and hours playing this game to end every day and still wanting to play it. The soundtrack was also just amazing and added to the beauty of this game. Another thing which was the most enjoyable was its replaying possibilities, meaning even if you’ve completed the game you could still roam around the landscape and fight whomsoever you pleased. Out of all the games ever released for phones, this outdoes everyone in many ways and according to some Is the best game ever released. One thing is that it also like its third game, is iOS exclusive and not available on Android.
2. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
This game itself is one of the best games in the history of open world games. It is one of the best-selling games in history, and it became even more famous after it made the jump onto our hands on its 10th Anniversary, just like with all other GTA games on smartphones. This itself is a great port, with better enhanced visuals, and amazingly comfortably designed joypads and buttons. There are the same features just as in the normal version, even with modification in the Android version. The game now has cloud storage support which is great as you can carry your save files along with your Rockstar Social Club account which is easy to make. I have played and ended this personal on iOS and I can surely say according to some it might even secure 1st position on our list, and this game has no bugs or any flaws that made it to 2nd, the competition between 1, 2, and 3 was just too tight.
⦁ The World Ends with You: Solo Remix
This game was released originally for the Nintendo DS handheld and was and is one of the best-selling Nintendo games ever, and made its way onto iOS and Android a few years ago. This game is open world and lets you explore the heart of Japan; Tokyo with its most iconic districts such as the Shibuya area and crossing. The character is stuck in a game and needs to co-operate with a partner to collect badges and defeat other players before they die. The game is open world and the player can roam around freely. The game is RPG and has its very own fighting style which is very fun to play. The sountrack is also great and this Is stylized as an “anime” The game is correlated with Kingdom Hearts and some of its characters