WWE 2K18
This announcement is awesome I can’t wait to see (WWE) 2K18 and (Seth Rollins) on the cover star.

WWE 2K18
cover star for the upcoming WWE 2K18, has announced the game will come to the Nintendo Switch, the game will also be released on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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WWE 2K18:
It will be the first of the 2K era to feature on a Nintendo platform, with the last WWE game to feature on one being WWE ’13 on the Wii. The inclusion of the Switch will also make it the first portable WWE entry in six years.The game’s official Twitter account clarified the version will not be based on any previous console generation According to the game’s official website, the Switch edition of WWE 2K18 will include the new major features coming to other platforms, including eight-man matches, a new grapple carry system and overhauled graphics and animations.this one of those Games I will also love playing and it’ll now be officially on the (Nintendo) Switch one of the most awesome games to play every time it comes out it gets better and better from the controls roster and options to the online play and so much more this game is gonna body slam fans to their game chairs people.
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