Yes you heard It right, Valve Received 300k Refund request during the initial Steam Summer Sale, I think the main reason behind this was Game had no demos, which the users later realised that Game wasn’t that good, considering the fact that Valve usually gets 75k Requests, and now It has reached to 300k.

On 23rd July the Company received 315k Request of refund, and later it went down to 280k and then further. On June 25th they received 273k requests and later it went calm, Note that these refunds are not just the refunds being done, they are the requested ones. Some of them must have been refunded and about quarter half of them would not have been approved.

Some Policies are applied once the request of refund has been sent, these include the Game time played, things changed in game, inventory etc, these are the statistics of the valve only, the other companies have average 15k-20k Refund requests and further 50k In Steam Summer sale days.