Virtual Reality: The Real Game Changer in Smartphones


virtual reality

Do you want to make you daily experiences as interesting as possible? Virtual Reality is right in your smartphone to actualize this.

 What exactly is virtual reality?

You have definitely heard of this term but maybe you have no idea what it means? Well, you have answers to all you questions right here. Virtual reality (VR) is a unique invention that incorporates software and use of computerized technology to mold an artificial environment. This environment will totally capture your undivided attention through a close mimicking of your senses hence completely immersing you into the virtual world.

Recent inventions have seen incorporation of VR in game consoles and most remarkably in smartphones. The breakthrough of VR to reach many people has mainly succeeded through use of smartphones, thanks to their affordable prices. The following are some of the reasons as to why smartphones have become promising future for virtual reality.

Characterized by ever changing innovative invention

Every time a new smartphone hits the market, it has one or two added features of its predecessors. Such added features may represent the finest technology of the time thus; VR features are incorporated in these new gadgets reaching a wide range of users. Good examples of such gadgets include iPhone 7 and Samsung Note 8.

Smartphones are quite convenient and easy to operate

I’m pretty sure that most likely, you have accessed this information using your smartphone or there is one right in your pocket. This puts it in black and white that VR companies will get to places with their inventions if they invent VR apps for these smartphones.

Smartphones manufacturers have acknowledged VR in their gadgets

The mobile phone manufacturers are not dump to realize that they are dealing with millennial generation who were born during the age of internet. This generation easily gets fascinated by technological advancements such as 3D gaming and movies. The companies have therefore decided to incorporate VR in their devices to get the attention of the millennial.

What are some of the best VR apps for your phone?

You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to acquire very expensive gadgets in order to enjoy VR. Cheaper android and iPhone handsets will give you all that you want. For beginners, here are some of the best apps to complete your VR experience.

You Tube for Android and iOS –get your first time experience in the world of VR through watching 3D movies just on your phone. Several videos are available for you.

Google Cardboard, a free app for Android and iOS- this app will introduce you to what is available in Google Earth. There is so much for you to download.

A VR Ghost Story of Sisters-This app is available for lovers of Android as well as iOS. Enjoy this horror genre that has mixed terrifying experiences that will possibly scare you to the bone.

Orbulus-it was developed for Android and iOS. Visit some of the most beautiful places by using your phone’s classic photo sphere technology.

There are probably several VR apps that will render your experience exciting in the world of smartphones. You only need to discover your test.