Microsoft just unveiled its latest upcoming console, the Xbox Scorpio, on Xbox’s site, along with a quick list of its features and a usual trailer. The trailer is one of those usual types of trailers where they try to create a sense of comfort and overuse the word “Powerful” Yes, it was indeed very cring-ey to watch this stereotypical clip of 3 minutes. So, in it they talked about how this Xbox was the thing most high-level gamers demanded. In the site, they listed 5 main features of this Xbox Scorpio:
“True” 4K Gaming.
VR Ready
GPU : Speculation: 56/60 GCN compute units at 800-850MHz 
CPU : Eight cores, speculation: up-clocked Jaguar or equivalent                             Memory: Over 320GB/s bandwidth – speculation: 12GB of GDDR5

Compatibility with Xbox One games and accessories.
Next was a little sentence which dealt with the description in a summarized way: “The most powerful console ever, featuring 6 Teraflops of graphical processing power, true 4K gaming, and compatibility with Xbox One games and accessories.”
Alright now, without boring you with any other context, let’s get into the main stuff one by one.
Release Date:
According to the site, it is “Coming Holiday 2017” It was unveiled at E3 2016, as “Project Scorpio” Now what would that “Holiday” refer to? Nobody knows for sure to be honest. Because of that region, it is probable that it will be released Christmas 2017. And its briefing will air at 11th June, 2017 according to the makers in a tweet.
Nothing can really be said about its estimated cost, but it will probably cost somewhere from $400 USD to $500 USD. The possibilities are endless. Some people think it will be above the price of the PS4, Xbox One, and Xbox One S because of most of its features which are quite expensive to put in a PC.

What Performance can we Expect?                                                                                        According to the XBOX franchise, the XBOX Scorpio will be far better than many Gaming PC’s, it’ll have all those features that a Gaming PC doesn’t, they also said that there maybe 60FPS Lock feature in all Games, it’ll be far better than XBOX One & The S Version. It is rumored that XBOX Scorpio will feature the New AMD Technology Chipsets called “Zen”, we can expect that Because the XBOX Franchise has been using AMD Chipsets from Past few years. The Zen is the latest Chipset from AMD, and It is quite performing well in Directx12 aswell Directx11 Titles.
Will this affect PC Market?                                                                                                     I’m surprisingly Big time XBOX fan, and to be honest, the XBOX Scorpio is nowhere a threat to the PC market, Recently the New Ryzen 7 was launched and it was pretty good for price to performance, The budget means are over. PC delivers what XBOX cannot so this doesant mean that XBOX Scorpio with Amazing Features will affect the PC Market, Still the PC Market is going far better than XBOX Scorpio, Because of those Amazing Features That PC have.We clearly don’t know what the specifications exactly are,  and what they are equivalent to, but in future, if there is anything new, we’ll keep you update

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