Yes you heard it right, GTA 6 is the upcoming Game In the GTA Series, We saw that GTA V was a brilliant Game and so were the other GTA Games, but today we will discuss what fans want from GTA 6, we’ll consider discussing some platforms & some requirements

Well after asking some GTA Fans about World, many have preferred GTA:SA world because It had quite good landscape comparing GTA V, and GTA 4, The World was quite beautiful and had everything made In a proper sequence, Taking an example that Mount Chiliad was located In a corner, and Palamanio Creek being an area of farmhouses located in the Middle, In the hilly locations, apart from this the San Fierro, Las Ventures were located in Perfect Place, Las ventures being part of Vegas having Its own Casino and having the Strip Road, showing how It is in Real, and Los Santos having Gang/Turfs being located In proper place, with small houses and turns, with proper spacing. Talking about San Fierro, a City where most people do Work, and many go daily for Jobs, the place has a lot of Buildings, and a bay nearby, Which is properly made, San Fierro also having a train going In the Road, showing the situation of a Busy City. Considering the Fact that Bayside in GTA: Quite hardSA was also a Good Place, People could fish there, showing perfect place built for Fishing and a proper house Setup, Having big Houses, which were near to Sea.
Opinion 2
The GTA 6 can be located In New York or a completely different new environment, that could be a new Country like Japan or any other, but if GTA 6 would be ever located in a Country, I think that could be the USA, We have seen partially some GTA Games being located in the USA, and who knows It can be again located in the USA ?


Well Its a hard decision, because during our Polls, many preferred CJ, some Preferred Trevor and Micheal but some also loved having Diaz, and Franklin, But one character Niko Bellic was chosen by many. I think Tommy Vercetti was a Good Character but CJ From GTA:SA was really good, lets just agree to disagree, Trevor and CJ could be a team in GTA 6, and then bringing Niko Bellic In the Team would be awesome, Just like in GTA V, It could be same in GTA 6, Friends who meet up again, these friends are Niko Bellic, Trevor, CJ and fight for their turfs


Quite hard Question, but here are some of the fans & my Opinion personally, Niko Bellic, Trevor, CJ meet after a long time, they hear that a mob is taking all over the Ventures, San Fierro, and turfs in Los Santos, all friends Roseup and they fight to take their old turfs, after alot of fightings they meet Big Smoke as their opponent, and all the Gangs in the Los Santos gather together, These Gans include Ballas, Los Santos Vagos, Italian Mafia, Da Nang Boys, Varrios Los Aztecas, San Fierro Traids. Some people might think, that killing and defeating these Gangs will be hard so here is the twist, Tommy and Lance make things easy, they come back to buisness and take control, they join the Gang of Nikko Bellic and they fight against All Gangs, after this Tommy and lance ask for their demands, they demand a Casino in Las Ventures, which is later given to them by CJ & Trevor, after all this struggle and fights, Niko Bellic, CJ, Trevor finally take the turfs all over the los santos.


Comming to the end, and summing everything, I Finally think that a poll would work, that would define the results, On finaly what fans want from GTA 6, Many fans would want it to be well optimized having Good Graphics, and also running smooth at a budget system, well time would tell us. I Personally think that GTA: SA was very well made and also It needs a remastered version, the characters could be given a chance in the next GTA 6 game, lets look at the results

World : Los Santos, Las Ventures, San Fierro
Characters : Tommy, Lance, Trevor, Nikko Belic, CJ
Story : Friends Roseup to take over Las Santos turfs and Las Ventures Casino’s and mobs, Later they are joined by Tommy & lance for further help