In the past couple of years, you’ve probably seen how Pokémon Go was the thing everyone was talking about so often. You go to Facebook you see people catching Pokémon’s in their gardens, homes and toilets. Yes, toilets. It quickly became famous and took the internet by storm. You would see people who didn’t even know the word Pokémon and what it was about, claiming to be masters of everything. Like, I am a Pokémon fan since I came to my senses.

Younger kids are actually discovering Pokémon for the first time. Believe it or not, most older Pokémon fans didn’t actually like the game. On top of that, apps like Snap Chat have become the platform to increase the fame of this game and mostly people, just to get into the mainstream, as most of them brainlessly do, started playing It and uploading every single screenshot. Because of its Augmented Reality many people were hugely impressed and started playing the game.
With all of that, it became the mobile craze and it was kind of annoying actually. Now, talking about the poser trend, kill me for sexism but mostly women who never saw an episode or such, uploaded pictures of their Pokémon and started talking about it. I have played all of the Pokémon generations up till X and Y, and ended Emerald and Fire Red. Now it was really annoying to see how nobody liked talking Pokémon before and suddenly became “huge” fans of the game. Now to sound like a crybaby or an elitist, but this game was just simple to get into and play and offered some exciting stuff and that was the main reason why it got to the top.
Go on people, play an older Pokémon game and you’ll be hooked for sure. Ah, those were the days when I’d carry my Gameboy Advance around and play Emerald and show it off to my friends who didn’t even like the series until this mobile game. Now older games had REAL adventure, like exploring the whole map, becoming the best trainer, traveling on water and air and land and across different cities and catching either Groudon or Rayquaza using the master ball. I loved that time. I even had a treehouse in Emerald, used to grow berries, go to gyms.
Now this game doesn’t offer most of the stuff the older ones did, but we have to accept the reality that this has taken the world by storm and it’s not too shabby either.