We as a whole know, that Witcher 3 is cherished by no less than 70% of gamers, who really played it. Be that as it may, there are a few people, who think Witcher 3 is exaggerated and exhausting. I’ve additionally played Witcher 3 and to be completely forthright, it wasn’t my taste, I’ve generally been Mafia amusements fan, so Witcher 3 was exhausting for me in spite of the fact that, this doesn’t mean Witcher 3 is over-appraised.

A few people think Witcher 3 is misrepresented on the grounds that they feel that story isn’t what it ought to have been. Alright, we as a whole know, the diversion from the begin lets us know, that you need to discover Ciri, and she resembles a little girl to you, however, the long story and missions are kinda bizarre. Alright, missions are in each diversion, however, the story isn’t that long, you are discovering Ciri, and for that, you need to experience such huge numbers of things, for instance doing missions for Baron, since you just inquired as to whether Ciri passed this place or not.

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A few people likewise feel that riding a steed all the time is exhausting and checkpoints are truly far. A few clients detailed that Skyrim battle mechanics were better, and Witcher 3 ones are underneath normal.

Skyrim battle mechanics were better, yet they additionally contrasted the battle material science with Dark souls, how ever we as a whole realize that Dark souls wes all in view of battle along these lines, that makes sense why it was that great. There is quick travel, yet at the same time, why might a checkpoint be that far? None the less amusement is astounding, everybody has his own particular feeling yet considering that everybody has exaggerated it by saying “best diversion at any point made”, still there are a ton of Witcher fans, so don’t attempt to influence them.

Here’s a Reddit user on this 
The controls were weird and Geralt was difficult to move around.
I felt that it lacked the freedom that an open world game should have. I can already sense most of you thinking “Lack of freedom? Have you seen the size of the map?”. I don’t mean that type of freedom. I mean the lack of freedom in choosing what playstyle you can do. You are stuck with playing as Geralt, a Witcher who uses swords and signs (The only useful one was the shield). There’s no way you can be a mage, archer or anything else. I believe that TW3 is miles better than DAI, but it is something that DAI had that TW3 didn’t. I know that in TW3 you play as a set character so obviously you can only play as a set playstyle. However that only explains WHY you play as one character. It doesn’t fix the limits that the game puts on you.

Why it can’t be called best Game, a user on this

I’ve played 40 hours on Witcher 3 so far and while I think it’s not only a good game but also a great one, I have to say that it is overrated. If you listen to redditors talk about this game you would think it’s the greatest thing ever. The combat is too easy and terrible, the crafting system is almost useless since there is no reason to craft anything except for Witcher gear. The Bloody Baron quest was great but overrated. Very well written but I think that it’s very clear that the Baron was the bad guy in that situation. Sidequests are great, probably better than the main story in my opinion. Overall, it’s a very good game but in my opinion it isn’t even close to being the best game of all time.

Let’s sum things up

Combat – Bad
Story – Bit long but Amazing
Map – Good to explore
Side quests – Boring sometimes, and really far
Horse – Spawns really far, but if you whistle, it’ll pop-up from any place
Graphics: Beautiful!
Physics: Below Average, you jump from a small roof and you die?
Equipment: Clothing, Swords everything was amazing.

Every gamer has his own taste, so you can’t just say that Witcher 3 was overrated.