Game console lovers have tough choices to make as they take their gaming to another level. Is it Xbox One or Sony PlayStation 4? It is no longer that easy to select a better gadget between the two swift game gadgets. Both Xbox One and Sony PlayStation 4 exhibit characteristics of superior craftsmanship that make them high quality products. Xbox One is a product of the giant Microsoft Company whereas Sony PlayStation 4 is the product of the equally fierce Sony Company.

In this review, I’m going to collectively compare various features in Xbox One and those of Playstation4.  Sony has pieces of PS4 in the market. Xbox on the other hand released its first gadget and named it Xbox One which later evolved into Xbox S and currently Xbox one X.


Connectivity is such an important factor to consider in the modern gaming devices.  The Xbox one has two HDMI ports for receiving of inputs, and the other to external TV connector. The PlayStation 4 similarly has an output cable that is  slightly slimmed down. The PlayStation 4 lacks the port cable to connect the PS4 to the camera. Both gadgets have internet connectivity that can support 802.11ac Wi-Fi.

Xbox one and Playstation4 have inbuilt 500 hard-drive with the PS4 featuring user-replaceable internal drives. The Xbox’s hard drive cannot be upgraded but the PlayStation’s is upgradable. They both uniquely recognise external hard drives. Externally installed games can therefore be played too.

Available Hardware and Designs

Both Sony and Microsoft have continuously updated their devices to give customers taste as well as variety of options. Xbox has evolved through three generations namely Xbox One, Xbox One S and the flagship Xbox One X. The Microsoft product still enjoys popularity for being slimmer and displaying indisputable prowess in gaming. It has excellent vents that make sure that your gaming adventure doesn’t turn your immediate environment into a furnace!

However, PlayStation 4 has transited through three hardware generations, of course maintaining its initial dimensions. The current featured dimensions are PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro. Its enjoys a distinctive angular and stylish design of PlayStation 4. This device is also considerably light owing to its slim nature.

Which one offers more gaming experience?

Microsoft and Sony are keen on what they are releasing to the market. The Xbox can let you multi-task by enhancing you manage more than one task on the screen. It also gives you exclusive personalization over your console by allowing you to use voice command.  For instance just by saying “Xbox on” will power your device immediately. Amazing, isn’t it?

The PlayStation 4 system can learn your preferences thus allowing you to mostly access what you like. It also allows you to play games while downloading them! The dual shock wireless feature enhances you interact with games in a better way.

Certainly, the two console devices will give you a test of time to select which one is better. They are both gaming bests that will deliver. As for me, well I’m spoilt of choice.