Today Microsoft showed their XBOX One X. There is nothing like Xbox Scorpio it is called Xbox One X, it is the worlds most fastest Console ever built, the Console offers true 4k Ultra HD stable FPS Experience, Phil Spencer CEO of the company said during E3 ” It is the world’s most powerful Console ever built yet the smallest”. The Xbox One X is also available in white which is also so called Xbox One S. The Xbox One X has 8 Cores which makes it perfect.

The New Xbox is using custom GPU Which is Running at 1172 Mhz. The Xbox One X Has 6 Teraflop GPU and has 12GB Ddr5 Memory, the Xbox has 126gbs memory bandwitch. It has 8million Pixels, and will offer true 4k texture.

According to Xbox the Xbox One Accesories will work with Xbox X too, and the game library is completely change and will be even better than Xbox One. The Game library will have isotropic filteration. According to Xbox Franchise the Monitors with 1080p Resolution will have the advantage and will run Smoother than ever. The New Xbox Processor is liquid Cooled for High End PC Cards and Servers, this being said it has also New power management System