Programmers have gotten the game Zelda: Breath of The Wild to get running on PC, just after a few weeks of the games actual release. It isn’t officially out on PC though. The group behind this has accomplished this due to a Wii U to PC emulator known as “CEMU” The group has made a lot of progress and now normal people can easily download the game from the internet through a number of sites. The installation is around 5.5 Gigabytes. It’s amazing to see how they have gotten this game to be running on PC so fast.
Still, this is sort of a crack and is piracy. It’s like the game has been pirated even before It was released. Though the game requires at least 4 cores of processors and more than 4 GBs of ram, they have managed to get it to a stable framerate enough for it to be playable.
CEMU is funded through Patreon, and now it has about 1900 helper and has gained enough to make progress. This is almost like a fan-made version of the game. However, Nintendo could find a way and patch this in a way that it couldn’t be played pirated ever again.
What Is amazing to see is how fast it got cracked and how fast it got onto a normal man’s computer. Nintendo has probably already thought about how to counter this problem and is taking steps to make it even more secure.
Still, our advice is to get the game officially unless you want to “Try It” Because piracy is not cool and is not as advantageous as getting the official game itself. Now you don’t want their project to fail because everyone pirated it, Do you? No, you don’t
So, word of advice is check it out if you have a fast enough PC and tell us your opinion in the comments below. Tune in for more by TechDudz. Thank you all for reading, please share to support us.