Recently Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080ti was announced and it was was a very high end card and for this high end card Zotac designed their very unique and powerfull the AMP Extreme version.This card is factory overclocked and will be more overclocked than the stock GTX 1080ti.This isn’t the only model ZOTAC has announced it has announced 2other models with it aswell.


The AMP Extreme version has triple-slot design which really looks nice on it.It has an aluminum fin array heat sink that features five copper-based heat pipes, and it has the SPECTRA LED Lighting System which will be controlled by the ZOTAC software, On the side we have the LED lights aswell.ZOTAC AMP Extreme version has Metallic ExoArmor with backplate.It has  16 + 2 power phases.It requires 8+8 pin connector.

Looking at the features real quick 

– IceStorm Cooling System
– Metallic ExoArmor with backplate
– FREEZE Fan Stop System
– 2 x PowerBoost
– SPECTRA LED Lighting System
– 16 + 2 power phases
– Extreme speed

Some pictures showing that the AMP version is a real beast!