After Nvidia released their GeForce GTX 1080 Ti reference cooler samples, the Nvidia AIB partner, Zotac announced Their GeForce GTX 1080 Ti PGF Extreme Graphic Card.This card is again not a normal card from aftermarket brand, this card is factory overclocked by ZOTAC and it has completely new custom PCB layout and other premium features!


Premium Features for Premium Price!

The card has Triple-fans for better temperatures and airflow.The card pushes the air down to dense aluminum fin array.It has RGB Lights on its front for their users who usually keep their theme upto to Its mark.It has a backplate with baseplate aswell for better looks,The RGB lights can be controlled by ZOTAC’s Firestorm tuning utility.Zotac officials also said that it may have “much higher” boost clock than the reference GTX 1080 Ti’s 1600 MHz.An Chinese Tech site also said that Zotac will purportedly be releasing a 10th-Anniversary edition of the card that should boost to a whopping 2GHz out of the box.It has a USB connect option for better overclocking purpose.This card may have a price of more than $700.

Some pictures clearly showing a “Pure Enthusiastic Grade GPU